Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oops I Denim Again

Another day, another denim dress...

 I wore this to eat Korean BBQ which was probably not the smartest idea.  I tell ya, the dress was so tight by the end of the night that I could barely breathe.  But back to the outfit: I love the look of denim with pearls and lace.  Oh so 80's.
 And hair. Wanted to have a little fun with color without going crazy so I used manic panic, my usual temporary color hair dye.  
 Note to self:  next time I eat Korean bbq wear the loosest possible outfit I have.  Shoutout to my out of town visitors for the day @ryanbyryanchua and @sensiblestylista for making the day EXTRA fun!
Photography by Ryan Chua
Outfit:  Rehab, Converse


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