Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Natural Whites

     I'm a little behind with posting since I've been sick the past week....

But I'm trying to adjust, and fight through it.  
It's been so hot in SoCal, and suddenly we had some unexpected rain last night.  The flipping of the weather is reflective of my life right now... things are changing on a daily basis.  The best we can do is just to go with it and enjoy the moment, right? 
Speaking of enjoy, my love for off shoulder tops is still going strong.  It still feels like summer around here, so I'll keep wearing my whites even though Labor Day has passed. 
White off shoulder top and lace skirt is all from StyleMoi.  See below for links~
I think they are currently out of stock on the white skirt, but check the rest of their site for other cute finds.
Today's featured track is from Morcheeba.  

1 comment

  1. You look so lovely ! Love the outfit !



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